Christine Jestice

Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999

There are many positive things to say about Kim and her company! I needed a professional stager to make my house more attracitve to sellers given that my house is only 2 years old (bought it as new build) and I was competing against my builder who was still selling new homes in the neighborhood! When I contacted Kim, she was very welcoming! I provided her my concerns, to which she was responsive! She even worked with me on pricing and gave me guidance on some things! What I liked about her is she wanted to physically see the house rather than just look at pictures. She even visited the builder’s model home to see what we are up against. She genuinely cared and acted as if it was her house we were selling. She is made for this! Now, fast forward to staging day… all I can say is WOW! What a job well-done she did. Words cannot describe how BEAUTIFUL AND COZY she made our house look. Her style is rustic modern (Pottery Barn, Fixxer-Upper-ish), which is what I was looking for. To put her work in perspective, our house had a showing request the first day it went on the market, and we were given an offer by that buyer! I can go on and on about Kim, but I’m afraid I will exhaust all the space. Thank you so much Kim for everything. It was worth it.