3 key words to help stage a vacant home.

Your renters have moved out and you’re about to put your vacant home on the market. Per your REALTOR®’s advice, you’ve fixed any deferred maintenance and hired a professional cleaning service. Good job, homes that smell fresh and look clean, appear well maintained to buyers and buyer’s agents.

Are you ready for photography? Almost.

Try this first. Take a few pictures on your phone. Download and email them to a friend. Maybe one that hasn’t seen your house in awhile. Ask their impression.

What was the feedback? “Yeah, it looks fine.”

Nothing wrong with fine, unless your home is in a competitive market. If so, you may wait a fine, long time for the right offer.

Your home is your biggest investment. Put its best face forward and stage it to sell for top dollar. These 3 key words can help:


Show the function of each room and spell out the potential of extra features.


I’m counting this as one word 😉

Every room should have a focal point. How do you spot a focal point? Its usually the money maker in the room – the fireplace, a bank of windows, the kitchen island … steer the buyer’s eye to focus on the VALUE. Value = more money.

Home Stager Colorado SpringsHome Stager

Stager Colorado Springs

If your new energy efficient windows have nothing other than blinds, for very little cash, you can highlight your investment. Front Porch Interiors added the smoky blue panels (Wal-Mart). We found the rods on clearance (Target). Adding color and texture to sterile windows is like pointing an arrow to buyers so they now pay attention to the value of this upgraded feature.


A vacant home is a blank, ambivalent slate. Buyers leave indifferent, no particular strong feeling one way or the other.

If they’ve looked at 10 homes and yours was the first, what will they remember about yours? Blank slates are forgettable. Especially if you’re competing against new construction with a decked out model home. Should you really assume they’ll remember your house with the beige siding, off-white walls, monochromatic granite and tan carpet?

Staged Loft All the graphic elements in this room like the window treatments (Target), rug (IKEA), vibrant map and foosball table evoke a feeling of fun. Now the room says, “hey, lets hang out here awhile.”

Front Porch Interiors staged

Front Porch Interiors staged

Even if you have a modest budget, please consider consulting with a professional home stager. They’ve made a personal investment in training and education to understand the psychology of staging. Home Stagers consider your buyer demographics. They have access to the right inventory and resources that will help you sell your home. You can find a certified local stager here.

Your home should tell a story. What’s it like to live here? Vacant homes have nothing to say.

Keep FUNCTION, FOCAL POINT, and FEELING in mind when staging your vacant home to sell. You’ll not only captivate your buyer, but inspire a higher offer as well.

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